Friday, January 30, 2015


Aah, what a great time of the year it is!
To augment the joy we derive by straining our back muscles shoveling away a foot of “global warming,” we get to sit in front of the fireplace and read the latest Super Bowl hype. And you thought the expense of newsprint was one reason why everything is shifting toward digital. How can they fill column space with such drivel?
In its never-ending urgency to create the news instead of report on it, the media inflates (no, I won’t go there again) the saga surrounding LeGarrette Blount’s commentary about the Patriots’ defense not being immortal. It conjures up the notion of reporters scrambling to satisfy the concept that they even need to be on-site a week before this overblown affair.
But, the reporters are just doing what they have to do, and modern-day mainstream America has such an unquenchable thirst for soap-opera antics.
The Pats’ running back, who wore out his welcome in Pittsburgh, said the Patriots’ defense is not immortal. I’m neither an anatomist nor a pathologist but human beings, and thus the grouping of human beings, do not live forever. He stated the obvious. If that’s all there is to write about, leave the column space for something important, like some questions and answers about strategy.
Given the subject matter of Blount’s views on immortality, I can understand why his gregarious Seattle counterpart Marshawn Lynch lampoons the pregame falderal, although I wouldn’t condone his methods. What is there to say? Do we really need to know who Brady’s favorite actor is and what he eats for Christmas dinner?
I’m glad I don’t have to cover that junk. If I did, I’d become a gentleman farmer.