Monday, November 29, 2010


While it is no longer my assignment to cover New Britain sports, I wanted to pass along that beleaguered Hurricanes football coach Paul Morrell has resigned.

I haven't spoken to Paul but I feel it is in the best interests of all that he do this and I'm very happy for him.  The horrible message boards posted anonymously after my articles on the games and related circumstances are totally unfair and unnecessary.  I condemn the Herald for condoning the reports and permitting them to stay online.  When it comes to local sports coverage and the assessment of a high school coach, these attacks are beneth the dignity of decent people, let along publications that ostensibly cover the city.  If a critic attaches a name to such barbaric assaults on a man who is simply doing his best to help our youth, so be it.  At least the man can defend himself in a way he sees fit without making it public theater.

Coach Morrell will be visible on a sideline in the area as the able assistant he is geared to be.  Perhaps someday, he will try his hand at head coaching again. 

While my name will no longer appear on Herald pages, I invite my treasured readers who have enjoyed my work for so many years to check out both the Valley Press (Farmington Valley towns) and the West Hartford Press.  I promise there will be no bashing of innocent community-minded people like Paul Morrell there, not by me or anybody else who won't sign his name.

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